1. "How do I ever know if I’m trying to hard or if I hold back to much? Fuck social norms."

  2. "I want to scream, I want to start living! But what is living, how do you scream when there is no one to listen, and how do you get your shit together?"

  3. "I wish I would have told you so much more 3 month ago."

  4. "I feel like I have done the right thing at the wrong time, I constantly mess up because I am not myself at the wrong time."

  5. "Wenn Du keinen Anspruch an Dich selbst hast krass zu sein, was willst Du dann eigentlich?"
    — Max

  6. My Hood <3 


  7. "Seit 1860 wird jeden Tag um Punkt 12 Uhr eine Kanone vom Château östlich der Altstadt in voller Lautstärke abgefeuert. Diese Tradition geht auf Sir Thomas Coventry zurück, der mit Unterstützung des Bürgermeisters hierdurch ein pünktliches Mittagessen der Bewohner fördern wollte."
  8. Oh shit apparently I’m the “most joyful person ever”, either everyone in poland is in a really bad mood or I’m much to pessimistic about myself :D

  9. Jellyfish in a jar, made by Lina.

  10. 10 hours later, it’s all the same things. Life does never change!


  11. "My psychic issue: What’s the point of life?
    L.’s psychic issue: Love ~> Loosing
    I don’t know what’s worse."
  12. Where do you post pictures of your food again? tumblr? Instagram? Or twitter? I’m so confused :/


  13. "Ever tried. Ever failed.
    No matter. Try again.
    Fail again. Fail better."

  14. "The sense oft life is to find something that distracts one from this question. Or is it?"
  15. Don’t argue with the stupid! :D