3. Anónimo ha dicho: It isn't about killing an embryo. It's about killing what life that embryo could have. The relations it could make, the lives it could change, the effect it could have on the world! That embryo is as human as we are. And that embryo will never have the chance we have. To breath! To see! To succeed or to fail! People who support abortion often preach about equal rights for every one. Every one except the people that don't already have them.

    Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

    Read some Ayn Rand, watch the “Don’t argue with the stupid” video I posted recently, get laid, and if still want to argue about this at that point, you can come back. 

    All you guys acting like abortion should be banned without exception just annoy me. You don’t seem to realise that this is not about some ethical principal you seem to defend, but a real life decision that affects real people who die because this practise is banned in some countries. A total ban shouldn’t even be considered, and everyone who thinks otherwise is a idealistic asshole. 

    Let’s have a competition: The first person who can give a convincing argument that an total abortion ban would be the right thing to do will get a set of metal cloth hangers for free! 





  7. "Haha neben mir diskutieren 2 Typen über ein Mädel, der eine meint sie sieht geil aus darum muss er sie haben, der andere meint “sie hat so viel Gehirn wie ein Keks”. Der Sprache nach kommen sie aus Bayern."
    — Berlin, Warschauer Straße

  8. Anónimo ha dicho: Abortion is never the answer. ITS MURDER. No excuse.

    Imagine your going down a hill on a sledge. Suddenly the way down hill parts. There are 2 ways to go, on one way there are 2 persons standing on the track, on the other just 1. How would you choose? 

    Then again why is murder a wrong thing to commit? Because most of the time you’re taking the life from a person away that he or she probably spend a lot of effort on creating. A person is not defined by existence or the ability to live, but by experience, feeling, wishes, fears, relationships to other persons. By it’s character, and by it’s impact on the world. 
    What about an embryo? Most certainly you notice that most of what defines a person is not yet developed. So “killing” an embryo can’t be compared to killing a person, simply because of the fact that it isn’t a person yet. 

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